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100+ Exclusive Racism Topics for Your Excellent Essay

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This article contains a list of racism essay topics that you can choose from if you need an essay about racism. We understand how difficult it is for students to search out topics for themselves, especially in a sensitive discussion like racism. This is why we have taken the pain to list 100+ racism topics for the research paper in this article.

Argumentative essay topics on racism

Racism is a very disputed and controversial topic. So, if you have decided to join in on the debate, here are some topics you can write on.

  1. Why are movements such as black lives matter crucial in the struggle against racism?
  2. Is racism immoral?
  3. What was the main cause for starting racism?
  4. Is there a connection between hate crimes and the rise of racism in the USA?
  5. Is racism against men different from racism against women?
  6. Why is the issue of racism painful even today?
  7. Will racism stop?
  8. Does the third world expression have a racist root?
  9. Should racism be considered a mental problem?
  10. Islamophobia should be deemed racism
  11. Do religions induce or stir racism?
  12. Why the concept of racism is artificial?
  13. Does race serve special purposes in society?
  14. Does the US still experience antisemitism today?
  15. Are racism and homophobia similar?
  16. Did the increase in racism in the US aid Trump’s victory in the US presidential election?
  17. Can there be justification for racism sometimes?
  18. Is it always racist to differentiate cultural identities?
  19. Can we be really post-racial?
  20. Who benefitted from racism in the past?
  21. Why racism is irrational?
  22. Why Irishness should be regarded as a display of racism?
  23. What is the basis for prejudice shown to hijab women?
  24. Is the criminal system in the US treating representatives from all races equally?
  25. Are laws against racial discrimination always applicable in Sports?
  26. Does racism have its root in fear?
  27. What are the largely racist countries, and why?
  28. Are stereotypes and prejudices the same?
  29. Can Confucianism solve the problem of racism?
  30. Can an individual fight against racism in their daily life?

History essay topics on racism

Racism was created by humans, as it isn’t biological or scientific in any way. It is an age-long problem that still exists in a modern age. The following topics discuss the origin and fight against racism throughout history.

  1. How the colonialist politics shaped Australia’s aboriginal racism?
  2. How racial prejudice affected black workers in the 1950s?
  3. Did the women’s movement in the 60s unite both black and white women? Why? Why not?
  4. Do anthropological researchers contribute to or take away from the anti-racism fight?
  5. Why did racism between Americans and Mexicans intensify in the USA during the 1900s?
  6. Was Malcolm X a racist?
  7. Harlem Renaissance: art movement or social revolt?
  8. The most powerful people in history to fight against racism
  9. The main outcomes of the civil right movement
  10. Black power movements: leaders, history, and background
  11. Interconnection between black poverty and racism in the 1900s
  12. Was European colonialism the major reason for the racism spreading?
  13. What circumstances in history led to the formation of the first and next Ku-Klux Klan?
  14. From a historical point of view, is racism the cause of the lack of social progress?
  15. Fidel Castro’s laws against discrimination in Cuba
  16. Were anti-slavery ideas the cause of the Civil War?
  17. Were the historical Greeks racist?
  18. How apartheid withheld the progress in South Africa?
  19. The reactions to Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination
  20. Did Darwin, with his works, create any racist ideas?

Definition essay topics on racism

  1. Discuss the national cultural identity. Explain the connection to racism
  2. Discuss the types of racism in existence
  3. What is the conflict theory about racial discrimination?
  4. How does personality theory describe racism?
  5. Define the concept of scapegoat theory. Does this theory explain racism always?
  6. Define institutional racism. Explain why it is more difficult to overcome?
  7. What is a cultural theory about racism?
  8. How can internalized racism be defined?
  9. Define environmental racism. Explain how society can fight it
  10. Implicit and explicit racial biases
  11. Discuss the scale of social distance
  12. Authoritarian theory of prejudice
  13. What is the meaning of “post-racial”?
  14. Interactions of racial groups: segregation, pluralism, genocide, and assimilation
  15. Explain the concept of cultural racism

Analytical racism research topics

To get the concept of racism, people need to dig into its nature. So, understanding certain questions within the context of “why it happened”, “how it happened” and “the next step to deal with it” is essential.

  1. How can the system of education reduce racial discrimination?
  2. Racism and its influence in forming the English language
  3. Hollywood’s racial prejudice and the boycott of Oscars
  4. Why people have a preference for partners of the same race to be involved with romantically?
  5. Racial discrimination among sex workers
  6. How educators can deal with the myths surrounding ethnic groups?
  7. What career and educational barriers can racism cause?
  8. The effect of islamophobia on the population of Arab Americans living in the US?
  9. How racism affect prisoners’ lifestyles in the US?
  10. What are the types of racism existing within the Latin American region?
  11. Australia’s aboriginal racism and its consequences
  12. How racism affects racial minorities and their mental health
  13. How racism is affecting the sport industry?
  14. Anti-racist notions and their usage for commercials
  15. The interconnection of police brutality and racial discrimination
  16. How does institutional racism affect the Healthcare system?
  17. What is the difference between ageism and racism?
  18. How managers can handle workplace
  19. How social media affects the fight against racism positively and negatively
  20. How the Pop culture of America portrays racists and racism
  21. Psychological and Social Studies on Racism
  22. Racism and its psychological background
  23. The social processes maintaining racism
  24. How does interracial heritage influence how people view racism?
  25. Why does talking about racism seem difficult?
  26. Is racist predisposition related to people’s family traditions?
  27. How interracial contact can stop racism in sport?
  28. The roots and cause of the black lives matter movement
  29. How does experiencing racism influence and affect the brain of humans?
  30. Does living area cause people’s bias against others of different races?
  31. The prerequisite for prison racism
  32. How to increase the empathy of people towards other ethnic groups?
  33. Different degrees of racism among the social groups
  34. How to stop the rise of racism within modern society?
  35. The importance of ethnic and racial socialization
  36. How stress related to race affect one’s social life?

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