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Globalization essay sample

Globalization started in the fifteenth century when Columbus discovered North America. Before that, people traveled nearby. Of course, there were expeditions to faraway countries. So, Columbus’ voyage was the first step made. Here comes its definition. Globalization is the global political, social, and business union process (Wells 37). Its goal is to tie geographically or nationally divided people. It is deemed to have a positive impact on all aspects of our life.

Globalization is a process that allows financial growth. It gives companies access to the new resource. That is not available in their area or country. It is like getting fruits that do not grow in the area or buying clothes produced outside of the country.

However, such a process has side effects. We did not think about how it can impact us. That is why we should discuss it from a global view. So, we can point out how it changes the world around us.

Globalization altered the job market. Companies from third-world countries entered the playground with lower prices for expert workers. A cheaper workforce led to the closing of local businesses. It provoked the rise of unemployment levels in the US, the UK, France, Germany, and other countries.

When the COVID pandemic started, the unemployment issue became even more crucial. Many people lost their job. Employers cut workplaces, and many businesses were closed. They were not able to operate during the lockdown. So, people cannot pay taxes. As a result, they had not supported their country. The situation became even more severe.

Also, there are reports about the lack of a workforce. Many seasonal workers were not able to come and help. The issue embraced farming in developed countries. Here employers hire workers from third-world countries. It happens because they cannot afford locals. Local citizens usually charge more. So, farmers who have a low income cannot hire them. Such an issue can result in food shortages in some areas since farmers could not harvest everything.

Globalization affects local companies a lot. Local good production costs more than shipping from less developed countries. As a result, many neighborhood businesses were closed. The makers could not compete with more affordable products shipped. Chinese and Indian goods are now everywhere. So, there are almost no locally produced goods. Small groceries and shops are closed too. They cannot compete with global networks of supermarkets.

The rise of internet technologies made it possible to get work from home. Here globalization had a positive impact. The World Wide Web is recognized as the best discovery of the 20th century. It allows staying connected from anywhere. It helps people to overcome social isolation. The internet is a part of almost any industry. It gives us all tools to get medical help, order food, or buy needed goods. Social networks allow us to interact with friends and families. They enable us to share moments that are important to us.

However, the internet also has side effects (Tripathi 4). Many people are affected by it. Doctors report many mental illnesses connected with it. The most widespread one is the internet and social media obsession. Computers and smartphones are sometimes harmful too. Even without an internet connection, they are impacting our lives. Video gaming addiction is a problem faced by many people today.

Moreover, freelancing led to a lack of offline workers. Nowadays, students would like to study areas that allow working remotely. The number of freelancers grows each day. Factories report the lack of engineers.

Globalization allowed people to travel. It connected nations with the help of air, ground, and water transport. Transport companies could open offices in different countries.

Now, when living in the US, it is possible to visit any country in the world. Of course, most countries require an opening of visas. However, it can be done by filling out forms provided by the local embassy. Thanks to the internet, most of these forms can be filed online. Also, it is possible to get help from a travel agency. Without globalization, it will not be possible to travel.

Though there are side effects of open borders. For example, the Ziko virus that spread from Uganda (WHO). Furthermore, there were cases in other countries. Because people with a disease traveled home. The same happens with COVID-19 found for the first time in Uhan, China. With open boards and means of transportation, various diseases spread fast.

Business globalization took place at the end of the 20th century (Rutterford 5). However, it is about to ruin the world economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors are concerned about their money and afraid of their loss (The Guardian). In other words, they are afraid of funding.

That caused a lack of funding in different areas. That is necessary for undeveloped countries. As a result, countries with average and low economies have a shortage of funding. There are almost no resources to support the responses to pandemic (OECD 6). It is harmful to health, economic, and social areas. They are left on their own and cannot handle the problem internally. Furthermore, this results in death rises because of an overload of healthcare services.

Globalization has both positive and side effects. It made it possible for firms to increase their markets. It allowed people to travel and explore the world. It opened borders to everyone. It gave us the internet as a means of communication. It allowed us to stay connected no matter what is happening around us.

However, globalization had side effects. These effects alter everyone. Most of them relate to the economic crisis and healthcare issues. They affect both developed and third-world countries. The internet, as a global network, has side effects as well. It might lead to social isolation and various mental diseases.

It is not possible to say if globalization is a positive or negative event. However, it brought more good than harm to our lives. It allowed us to try things that were not available before. It pushed the progress of new technologies. It has united people, and together we became more powerful.

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