Book Review

When you have to write a book review, you have many questions on your mind. How is this paper supposed to look like? Should you offer your opinion and unique perception of the book? Should you dig a little deeper and find more information about the author, the time he lived in, and the type of literature this piece belongs to? Should you pay attention to the structure of the book, or should you just focus on the personal impressions?

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Why Is Book Review Writing so Complex?

First of all, you have to read the book before writing the review. With all those responsibilities, classes, exams and homework assignments, that’s not always possible. Even if you read the book, writing the actual review is still not easy. This should be a critical and descriptive evaluation of the piece. It should provide a summary of the content. That part is not difficult when you read the book. However, it should also assess the value of the book, and that’s where the problems begin.

First of all, the book review should provide an objective summary of the author’s arguments and main ideas. Then, you should discuss what you particularly liked about that book. Why do you think it’s good or bad? Why would you recommend it to other readers? How did you feel about the characters? The review can also include your perception of particular scenes that made you tense or emotional. Your own evaluation is the critical part of the book review; the aspect that makes it different from all other reviews the professor reads.

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