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Every student who has requested our college essay writing assistance received praise and high grades at school. At Essay Writing Land, students can get any kind of college essay help they need.

We promise to handle all kinds of assignments for you. Starting from essay papers to dissertations that mark your education’s end – we offer everything.

At our college essay writing service, you can order essays on different topics and subjects. The most commonly requested tasks we get include:

  • Narrative essays. In a narrative paper, the student is asked to tell a story. This assignment revolves around storytelling. It requires great vocabulary use, creative style, and content that captures the reader’s attention. It is ideal for creative and talented writers, but compared to other types that are mostly based on research, this paper can be really hard for those with limited writing skills.
  • Descriptive essays. In some ways, descriptive essays are similar to narrative. The difference is that the writer needs to provide more detailed information about the topic. A descriptive paper is all about how you describe things. It requires attention to details, colorful wording, and sensory information.
  • Expository essays. These types of papers provide a balanced analysis of a given topic. When tasked to write an expository essay, a writer needs to use real statistics, facts, and examples obtained through various methods of research. There are several variations of expository essays, including compare and contrast, how-to, and cause and effect essays.
  • Persuasive essays. As the name tells you, this essay should contain content that persuades and convinces readers to accept a selected argument or point of view. To do this, you need to use argumentative skills, persuasion, logic, reasoning, as well as facts, expert opinions, and examples. This requires a lot of work, which is why we offer you our college essay writing help.
  • Argumentative essays. In argumentative college essay writing, authors need to present two or more sides of a controversial issue. You should pick your side, but present valid arguments and counterarguments so that readers can make their informed decision. An analysis of a topic needs to lack emotion and be factual.
  • Analytical essays. College students frequently get this type of assignment since it requires advanced research skills and excellent writing skills. An analytical essay must involve a big range of information from various sources. Based on research, the writer needs to analyze different viewpoints from a factual standpoint, without any biases. In this paper, it is important to focus on findings, methodology, and conclusions of previous papers and researchers, and use these to conclude your own research.

Chances are, college essay writing will include a wider scope of essay types than this. These are just the most common things ordered by our college essay writing service. We offer to handle any type you request from us, on any topic, or subject.

At EssayWritingLand, you can order papers on Literature, Economy, Law, History, Mathematics, Physics, and any other topic that your professors assign. We cover all academic levels including every year of college, all subjects, as well as numerous deadlines.

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What benefits to expect from our college essay writing service

Customers have the liberty to hire an expert for any assignment, topic, or subject. In addition to this, our college essay writing service offers customers a great number of benefits.

It all starts with the people we hire to write for you. When you request our help and pay the price we demand for it, we will hand-pick a writer to assist you. This writer will be an educated, experienced, and dedicated expert in your subject or field. He’ll also have the time to dedicate to your order.

Thanks to our choice of great college essay writing experts, we are able to guarantee you many things. First of all, we guarantee that your essay will arrive on schedule. This is covered with our delivery and money-back guarantee.

Secondly, we guarantee that the paper will be excellent in any way imaginable. It is covered with our satisfaction guarantee and backed with our free revision guarantee. Our writers have all the tools in their arsenal to write an original, excellent paper for you.

Lastly, we’ll stay with you from start to end. From the moment when you decide to buy from our college essay writing service, we will have your back. You can contact us to get information or help, talk to our support, or request a free revision.

Features we include in college essay writing

Every order made on this website combines a set of features that we give out for free. These include a title page, bibliography, editing, proofreading, free amendments, online delivery, etc. If you become our regular customer and climb high in our VIP program, we’ll make sure to throw even more perks and benefits.

New customers who decide that we are a worthy company to hire for college essay writing are also rewarded by our company. We give you a chance to try out the writers we work with at a lower price than usual. When you sign up, we’ll reduce your initial price.

For many students, money is a big issue when they buy things like essays. This is why we have discounts for all, including those who have received their first-time discount and came back to get more assistance from our amazing writers.

We can help get you through college, assist you to get into the university you dream of studying at, and write all your university papers afterward. This is a place where you can get anything. If you trust us to handle it all, we’ll constantly reward your loyalty. EssayWritingLand has an exceptional loyalty program.

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Our rules

To make things run smoothly and keep our head high in many years we work online, we have some rules that every writer needs to follow.

The things they absolutely must do include:

  • Accept only essays that they can complete on time and have enough experience to write.
  • Complete every assignment before the deadline ends (even if the deadline is just hours away).
  • Make sure that their content fits the instructions before delivering it to the customer.
  • Use modern software for plagiarism detection to ensure that the essay is 100% original.
  • Do thorough research depending on the essay type, instructions, and demands.
  • Follow the essay structure and any detailed requirements that the customer sends.
  • Use only reliable, up-to-date, and relevant sources in every essay.
  • Check if there are any unintentional errors before submitting the essay to quality control.
  • Writers are not the final step of the chain we follow for every order. When a writer is finished with the paper, we send it to quality control for a final check.

    In addition to things we have to do, we have a list of things we absolutely cannot do – ever. We never send a paper we aren’t sure is original. We never send a paper later than the requested deadline. We don’t let customers hanging and provide free revisions based on their instructions. We don’t stray from the topic or steal content from other sources.

    Why you can trust our writers

    To make all of the above possible and give you the time to study, hang out with friends, sleep, write other papers, or work, we take extra caution in hiring writers.

    There’s no writer in our team that hasn’t gone through our hiring process. This includes a background check, an interview, a small test, as well as gathering samples to check their writing.

    When writers send their requests to us to review, we use all the information they provide to make a decision. We don’t make exceptions. Our company only works with writers who are native and highly proficient in the English language. They need to possess a University degree, Master’s, or PhD, which allows us to determine who works on which paper.

    Writers must also have at least 2 years of experience. Academic papers have a specific structure and come with demands that can only be fulfilled if you have written similar assignments before. This is why we don’t hire novices and we continuously train our employees to write different essay types.

    On top of this, we look for certain qualities that ensure the satisfaction of customers. Our writers are all dedicated and very specific. They put a great deal of effort into research and have excellent attention to detail. They are accurate, handle things promptly, and know how to meet a customer’s expectations.

    At EssayWritingLand, you are our priority. We’ll give you everything you need – great prices, the work of a brilliant writer, and various discounts to make this expense more bearable. All we ask from you is a bit of trust. Once you receive your first essay here, you’ll learn that we are the best source for your future academic papers.