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A research paper is one of the most frequently assigned tasks for students. This assignment helps professors to evaluate students’ knowledge of the topic along with their research and analytical skills. Even if one of these isn’t developed enough, a student may need research paper writing help from professionals.

Essay Writing Land is the right place to get academic assistance. Our research paper writing service can provide you with the following types of papers:

  • Analytical research paper
    In analytical papers, the author is tasked with finding relevant data to answer a research question. To write this assignment, we use data from other researchers and focus on their findings and conclusions. Based on this, we make an analysis and create a unique, personal conclusion on a given topic. Through the process, we remain neutral when providing any kind of information.
  • Argumentative or persuasive research paper
    An argumentative research paper presents a controversial issue. It lists two or more sides of the issue and provides arguments that point the reader in one direction – the argument you have chosen. The main goal of this paper is to convince the reader of your point of view.
  • Definition research paper
    Definition papers help present a certain concept from all perspectives. This is not an assignment where you need to include your opinion or persuade others of anything. This type of research paper includes facts from various sources but does general analysis only.
  • Compare and contrast research paper
    Just like the name says, such assignments require an analysis of two different things. These can be anything: viewpoints, subjects, objects, authors, stories, etc. Once you pick a topic and find at least two sides, you need to do both comparison and contrast by using research. Since this requires research on both sides, it is often very time-consuming, which is why we also offer this type of research paper writing help.
  • Interpretative research paper
    This type of assignment is given as the second part of some research. For example, if you’ve been asked to perform an experiment or create a case study, you will be asked to write a paper based on that framework. In this paper, you need to use supporting data and create a unique conclusion based on it.
  • Cause and effect research paper
    This type of research paper dwells on reasons and results. To write this type of research paper, you have to trace the expected or probable consequences from a selected event. This research is often used in studying global phenomena: climate change, revolution, crises, etc.
  • Experimental research paper
    When an experiment takes place, students are often given a task to write on that topic. They need to describe the entire experiment from start to finish, write about the methodology, as well as provide background information about the experiment and outcome. If you are having trouble with this type of assignment, we can take your experiment notes and provide you with research paper writing help.
  • Survey research paper
    Whether you’ve already completed a survey or need us to do it, we will provide you with survey research paper help. In this type of assignment, you need to describe the findings of the survey, its answers, and analyze them properly and based on the instructions.
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Benefits from getting help with research papers online

Although some students have doubts about online services because they worry about the quality of papers, they have a wide range of benefits. Here is the list of them:

  • Time. When you pay for research paper writing help, you get some free time on your hands. For many students, time limitations are a big and common issue. If we take over your research papers, you’ll be left with more time to study, sleep, rest, or have some fun with friends.
  • Skills. Many times, you will lack the skills to write a certain research paper. This won’t make you a bad student or writer. With so many research types and different instructions, many students feel overwhelmed about writing another assignment. If for any reason you feel like you cannot meet your professor’s expectations, feel free to call us for research paper writing help.
  • Sources. As the name tells you, such papers revolve around research. You will spend hours and days with your head in the books or scouring the Internet for reliable data. This can be time-consuming and for some topics, really hard to achieve. Thankfully, we know where to look and have a huge database of academic resources. If you cannot find enough data to support your idea, ask for research paper writing help from our experts.
  • Grades. The assistance from professionals who works on academic assignments and performs research on a daily basis is guaranteed to bring you high grades. If you have a very important research paper to write, we are your people. Buying from us will always bring you high grades.

Why students ask our help with research papers

Every company that offers research papers will promise to do these things for you. So, how do you know that we are your best solution? There are four main reasons why students choose Essay Writing Land for their research papers:

  • Extraordinary writers
    We handle every research paper with utmost attention and dedication. To make all customers happy, we employed some of the most talented people in the field. All of them have academic degrees and at least two years of writing experience.
  • Available support
    Our support is always online when you need them. If you are having trouble with ordering a research paper, want to know more about our service and writers, or have a problem you need to be handled – we are there 24/7!
  • Accuracy and promptness
    All research papers delivered by our writing experts are based on customers’ instructions. This includes formatting requirements, length, and of course – deadlines. We guarantee timely delivery of all the orders.
  • Free revisions
    In the unlikely case where a customer does not like a research paper we have delivered, we will gladly provide a free revision. Of course, your amendments should comply with initial instructions.

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The do’s and don’ts of our research paper writing service

To make it all possible for our customers and keep our rating as high as it has been for years, we have certain rules that every person in our team follows.

The dos of our company are linked to:

  • originality- we produce exclusively unique content;
  • quality- our writers compose top-notch text samples;
  • punctuality- all of our experts have this professional quality;
  • excellent support - we are available 24/7 for all our customers.

We strive to provide all this to every customer who knocks on our doors.

The don’ts we strictly avoid are:

  • plagiarism- our service has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism;
  • poorly edited papers - before submitting, we proofread and edit each text several times;
  • delays- we never miss your deadlines;
  • failing to meet instructions - we have an individual and attentive approach to every order.

In many years of hard work, we haven’t delivered a single research paper that includes such problems.

Why our writers are the best

A lot of our success and excellent work depends on the writers we employ. To write a great research paper for every student, we make sure to employ skilled writers only.

We don’t make any exceptions. Every writer who works on papers ordered at Essay Writing Land is a native speaker with at least two years of academic writing experience and a university degree. On top of that, our writers are frequently trained and motivated to work on every order with equal attention to detail and utmost dedication.

The results make it obvious that our system works. For years now, we have been the top-rated provider of all kinds of papers. These go beyond research assignments and include editing services, projects, presentations, dissertations, theses, speeches, etc.

If you want to learn what we can offer you, use our order or contact form to reach out. We’ll make sure to reward you with our newcomers’ discount as a welcome package that all new customers get.

How to place an order on our research paper writing service

You have to follow these few simple steps for you to place an order on EssayWritingLand.

Create a user account.
This is the first step to access our services. You fill out your basic information.

Fill the order form and give full details about your paper.
Give us full details about your project through the order form, such as your paper's topic, the number of pages, your academic level, the format requirement, different sources needed, and your deadline.

Pay for the service.
Once your order has been received, you will be required to pay for the service before your work begins.

Get the most suitable writer for your paper.
We will select the most suitable writer for your project according to price, rating, and projects completed.

In-house check and quality control.
Once the writer does the work, an in-house team of editors will go through it and make modifications if needed. Plagiarism and grammar check are made here.

Download your paper.
When your paper has been completed and ready for download, you will receive either a text message or email notification. Check all the content of your paper and make sure you are satisfied with the work.


Is getting help from your research paper writing service legal?

Yes, getting help from our writing services is legal. We are registered under the rule of law, and we give unique and quality papers while adhering to privacy and revision policies.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we have different categories of discounts for our customers at Essay Writing Land. Our first-time customers will enjoy a twenty percent discount on all our writing services. We also have various categories of discounts on all our writing services for all our regular customers with terms and conditions applied.

Can I hire a specific writer to complete my order?

No, on Essay Writing Land, we will choose a writer according to skill, experience, and expertise. You can trust our decision on who will write for you since we know more about our writers.

I need help with research papers in the MLA format. Can I get it here?

Yes, you can. We work with all the common academic writing formats: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, Vancouver, Oxford, CSE, etc. You may pick any of these in the ordering form.

How can I pay for the order on your website?

We accept all the popular credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, and American Express. You can also pay via a wire transfer.

What is the shortest deadline for the order on your website?

The shortest deadline on our website is three hours. However, we may only take small orders on such short notice. If you need a research paper longer than three pages, please, place your order in advance. Besides, you’ll save some money in this way.

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