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Essay About Happiness – Sample with Guide

Written essays are the most popular form of assignments students get. This is because essays or research papers prove to be nice and efficient tools that can measure the progress of students. Essays on specific topics are the favored type of written assignment by professors. In some cases, they give only the general direction and encourage students to pick their topic.

Psychology students learn a lot about how our brains work or the cognitive processes involved in decision-making. They learn a lot about attention, motivation, group cohesion, mental illnesses, and disorders so that they could help patients in their practice. They also have a lot of essays to write, and a happiness essay is the most popular assignment they get.

If you are among the students that need to write an essay about happiness, you have come to the right place. The best US expert writers at EssayWritingLand have built a short and concise guide that will help you write a compelling and powerful happiness essay. And we also share with you one sample!

Structure of happiness essay

Most essays and papers should be developed on the same core structure: happiness essay introduction, body, and conclusion. But as our experts at EssayWritingLand are noting, you need to carefully read the requirements as some new paragraphs or sections need to be included. As is the case of this happiness essay, you also need to state your thesis.

The structure of the essay should look like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion

This structure will also help you build an outline while you do your research for your chosen topic. It allows you to sort and organize your ideas coherently and logically so that your essay will be easy to read.


The introduction is the first contact the reader has with your essay. This means that you need to create a hook that will help you catch their attention and have them reading till the end. You can start your introduction by sharing a popular misconception or an incredible and hard-to-believe fact. Make your introduction interesting and choose a quote, fact, or statement that is related to your topic. Because in the introduction, you should introduce your topic and let the reader know what this essay is about.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is the second part of the essay and the paragraph or section where you express your general idea on the topic. You will be going to defend and back up your thesis statement with facts in the body of your happiness essay, so make it short and concise. If possible, try to make it at most one sentence long. You will have enough space to develop it in the body of your essay. However, as some topics are more complex, some thesis statements cannot be formulated in one sentence. The maximum number of sentences would be three for your thesis statement.


The body of a happiness essay is the most complex and extensive. Here you come up with arguments that support your thesis statement. Because there will surely be more different ideas, it would be better to present each of them in a separate paragraph. This will also allow you to give a clear and logical structure to your essay. And the reader will have an easier time following your ideas and understanding your point of view. There is not a fixed number of paragraphs that should be included in the body of an essay. Some topics are more complex than others, but it usually ranges from three to five paragraphs.


The conclusion of an essay is the final part. Here you should make a short and concise summary of your entire essay, restate the thesis statement and the main arguments. The length of the conclusion should not exceed the one of the introduction, so make sure you select the main ideas. Here you should not present new information as this will only confuse the reader. Just select the main ideas you want your reader to remember from your essay.

Few tips and tricks for your happiness essay

Happiness is a complex and long-disputed topic. What is happiness? How does it feel to be happy? Can you take your happiness from the ones around you? What makes you happy? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you start writing. A literature review will show you the main findings and results from the studies conducted in this domain. But a happiness essay will also require you to express your own opinion on the subject.

Let’s say you would need to write an essay about what makes you happy. What would you write? These essays prove to be nice tools for self-evaluation. They allow you to understand your inner world better and become more aware of it. So, happiness might not have a fixed definition. You cannot say that money does not bring happiness, because the poor will contradict you. You cannot say that food and a shelter do not bring happiness because the homeless will contradict you. This is why it is important to understand what makes you happy and what happiness means for you. It means different things for different people, so become aware of your own sources of happiness. This will allow you to dive deeper into the subject and come up with powerful statements.

Here is a happiness essay sample that will help you understand better how the final draft should look like. This sample cannot be used as your own, but if you need help with writing your happiness essay, our team of expert writers is available and ready to help you.

Happiness essay sample: What does happiness mean for you?

“There’s a path to happiness” is one of the most common happiness myths that are on the lips of many people. This statement makes you believe that there is a certain recipe or path you need to take to be happy. And that what made others happy, will surely work for you too.

I strongly disagree with this statement and I would say that you make your own happiness. It is up to each of us to find the things that make us happy and bring us pleasure and positive emotions. Because people are so different that each of them finds their happiness in something else.

Most people say that money brings happiness, but this is true up to a certain point. And it is also true in specific situations. While the ones that do not have enough money to live a comfortable life would say that money certainly brings happiness, the ones who already have enough money would contradict them. I agree with the point of view that the financial and familial context you grow up in can influence your perspective on money. As the studies show, there is a limit up to which money does bring happiness (Kahneman, 2010). Because after you pass that limit, other things such as health become more important. Things that money cannot solve. However, some people can be happy at any moment, no matter how much money they have. They fulfill themselves with positive emotions and create their own happiness. But is this possible?

Everyone can create, build, and work on achieving their own happiness. Happiness means positive emotions and focusing on the good parts or events that take place in your life. But we all know that life is not only made of good things. There are also moments of depression, demotivation, suffering, and pain in one’s life. And often, these moments can cloud your entire perspective on life.

Happiness is a matter of choice. And one thing that happy people make is being grateful (Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet et al, 2018). Gratitude is the secret that can make everyone, no matter its relationship status, financial income, or familial status. Gratitude means being thankful for what you already have. Everyone is grateful for different things. Some are grateful for the shelter they have, others for the friends they have. Happiness is a choice and gratitude is the secret that paves the way to it. It is up to each of us to be grateful for what we have and create our own happiness.

Finally, happiness is not something that does not exist or that has a specific path that could lead anyone to it. Happiness is something that can be created by each of us by beginning to be grateful for what we already have and the good things that happen in our lives. Money could bring happiness for some people, but it is your own perspective on things and events that fosters happiness.

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